About us

Hey there!

I’m so glad you found us! I’m Melissa Fillis, and this is Rylee Gene Tees!

A little about me…I am a stay-at-home mom. We have 2 daughters out of high school living out of state, an 8-year-old son, and a 6-year-old daughter living at home with us. My husband is a disabled Veteran.

This started out at a small-town outdoor market selling shirts I made with my cricut and vinyl. I stumbled across sublimation and FELL IN LOVE! I am having so much fun creating different shirts with my unique style and designs. It’s not just shirts…tumblers, hoodies, coozies…I just love creating!!

When we first moved to Idaho, I went to school so I could get a job when the kids were both in school and help supplement our income, so my husband could relax and not stress his body. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our focus shifted. We now homeschool our son, who has autism. Homeschooling has been great! Autism always presents its own sets of challenges (as does any kiddo really…am I right?), but I’m glad we made the change, and I wouldn’t go back.

Working from home seemed like a great solution. I want Rylee Gene Tees to stand for something more than just the typical trendy t-shirt company. I’m passionate about creating FUN and meaningful tees for women. I’m also passionate about creating eye-catching and meaningful shirts for our Veterans and men. Can you guess what else I’m passionate about?? Yeah…Autism. We live and breathe autism, it has changed our lives in so many ways. I won’t get on my soap box about this in here, I think I’m going to be starting a blog if you want to read more about that.

Tumblers are sooooo much fun to make and I am loving all the designs my husband is throwing at me and we are coming up with together!

I hope y'all can find something you love!

Thanks for supporting our small business! Find joy and celebrate EVERY accomplishment!


Melissa Fillis